June 29, 2005 in 0 out of 5 stars, A service, Faxing

What is it?

Send2Fax: An email based faxing service.


Who makes it?

Send2Fax, LLC

Why is it the killerest?

All together now: "Efax sucks!" The idea is great, and they get a brownie for pioneering it into the public sector. But they also suck. They use a proprietary file format so you have to download their clunky spam ridden software to view faxes. Their customer support is atrocious. They are expensive ($12.95/mo + $0.20/page for toll free). Note: you can get free efax, but if your usage goes above the smallest amount (don't recall the limit) then they force you to upgrade, or they'll cancel your number. It's real cute.. But I'm not here to (only) rail on efax. Send2Fax is where it's at. With Send2Fax, they send (email) your faxes in PDF format. No stupid proprietary reader required. They are reasonably priced, and from what I've seen, reliable. They rule because they are everything good about efax, with none of the evil.

How much does it cost?

$1.95/mo + $0.15/page ($4.95 setup fee) billed from $20 deposits. More.


Demoted! Now recommending FaxPipe.

Reviewed by Carson McComas

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Great googly moogly. This is a much better service if it works as advertised than eFax. Thanks for sharing!

Posted by: Phil Gerbyshak | Jun 30, 2005 9:39:33 AM

You can set eFax to send faxes in PDF, TIF, or EFX (their proprietary format) under the "Fax Options".

Posted by: Mike Doan | Jul 26, 2005 4:15:52 PM

Hi Mike, good tip, thanks. Although I don't think you can do that with the free version, and the paid version is much more expensive.

Posted by: Carson McComas | Jul 26, 2005 4:27:02 PM

Long ago, I had an eFax account and being a Mac user, I never liked the seemingly PC-centric slant to the whole product. Coupled with the EFX format, it wasn't an appealing option for me. I nearly dug my fax machine out of storage in protest. Nearly.

I tried Send2Fax based on this review and I'm almost equally disappointed in their service as well. On day 1, I was in love with them - I sent test faxes from their Web2Fax application and received faxes from a fax machine - delivered to my desktop in PDF format. Wonderful!

Since that time, on two separate occasions, I've attempted to use their EMail2Fax service (attach your docs to an e-mail and they get sent to the fax number you put in the TO: field) and when that failed, their Web2Fax service. Both times, the EMail2Fax service has tanked with little explanation. After the first time, they said they'd resolved the issue. My latest issue goes yet unresolved. Contacting service can only be done via e-mail between 9-5 EST and there's no after hours support. Their Knowledge Base and "Online Support" are lacking useful information.

So, for the SECOND TIME, I'm getting in the car to hand deliver documents to a client that I could've otherwise faxed. I hope others out there have had better experiences with Send2Fax. I had high hopes, but have been let down. I'm willing to give them one last shot, but we're dangerously close to strike three!

Posted by: Keith Ciociola | Nov 2, 2006 2:37:03 PM

this is happened to me too. customer service unable to resolve issue.

Posted by: ben wise | Apr 4, 2007 4:06:30 PM

Be aware. Never give your credit card information to Send2Fax!!!

I signed up for a low rate. Then the price suddenly increases 300% !!!

They don't give any information. They don't send bills!

They keep charging your credit card.


Posted by: montgomery | Feb 1, 2008 1:36:57 PM

We had this service since early 2007. This company's service is really really bad and they arrogant as well. We have signed for $1.95/month for prepaid service. Initially, for couple of months they seem to be good. Recently we looked at bill they they were slapping $6.95/month + taxes since middle of 2007. I have called to clarify they are really arrogant and they said this the charge. I asked them to look at my initial few invoices and they said 'oh' thats right, it is $1.95/month. I was told that they change the price anytime they want. I said this is ridiculous. I asked them how can you do this without notifying us? Beware of these guys, they dont send any emails/any communications, they dont generate invoices until you ask them. Thats another reason, we have cancelled our service. Last week, I have sent an email that I am not seeing my monthly invoice since last several months. They got back to me 2 days ago and the billing is in the left of the screen after logging on to my account. This is utter lie. After sending an email, they enabled my billing feature for me and they are lying that the billing icon was there since from the beginning. In addition, they charge something called archived pages and they charge 5 cents per page and they are charging since last 2 years without notifying us. I never asked them to archive any of my received fax documents. They just do it, and they charge you. They have no explanation for this. Now, I am actually fling a Better Business Bureau regarding this. Please review your

Posted by: Manju | Mar 3, 2009 10:21:03 AM

Horrible! Avoid at all costs. Most arrogant CS I've experienced. When my credit card expired, rather than alert me, they suspended my account during which time I lost business faxes. Then, when I attempted to update the account, the web page didn't work. To make it worse, they continued to charge my card for over a month since my email firing them and when I called about it they told me it was their policy to continue to charge until THEIR system acknowledged the cancellation!

Don't go anywhere near them!!

Posted by: Tom North | Aug 29, 2012 3:34:18 PM