June 24, 2005 in 5 out of 5 stars, Blogging, Hosted software, Productivity

What is it?

TypePad: Hosted blogging software.


Who makes it?

Six Apart

Why is it the killerest?

The smarty pants behind the legendary Moveable Type created this hosted blogging software package. I built my own blogging software. It was awesome. I used it for 3 months then subscribed for a trial account of TypePad and switched everything over after using TypePad for about 3 hours. It's awesome, inexpensive and takes all the technical maintenance issues out of your hair so you can concentrate on creating content.

At the Pro level you have complete control over look and configuration, if you prefer not to use the excellent point-and-click wizard tool that anyone can use, for setting up your blog.

Note: I use it for this blog here, as well as my personal blog and I recommend them to clients all the time.

What could be improved?

I have a short list, but they are constantly evolving features and I suspect most of them will be implemented in time. My biggest beef is that I'd like a link from the email I get whenever I get a comment so I can at once delete the comment and ban the commenter. Note that 6a are implementing (and have implemented) all sorts of excellent anti-comment spam solutions. I get very little.

How much does it cost?

$5/mo to $15/mo (a bargain!)


Reviewed by Carson McComas

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