Happy Links

July 7, 2005 in Happy Links
  • Andy Budd shows us 10 Bad Project Warning Signs. Specific to web, but applicable to a broad range of services we might offer.
  • Christopher Hawkins outlines 11 clients you should fire right now. This is great stuff.
  • Jason Santa Maria offers insight on how he stays motivated as a solopreneur. Nothing revolutionary, but some good reminders.
  • The ever brilliant Joe Kraus of Bnoopy offers evidence that it's a great time to be an entrepreneur. " There’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur because it’s never been cheaper to be one. Here’s one example. Excite.com took $3,000,000 to get from idea to launch. JotSpot took $100,000."
  • Scrivs offers what he sees as some traits required to become a successful entrepreneur.
  • Awesome, awesome, awesome business card idea from Garret Dimon. (Down with titles!) Who said there wasn't any more room for innovation with business cards.
  • Bonus Link: Push content to Google and help them find all the pages on your site with Google Sitemaps. Essentially Google will read a sitemap file on your site, and crawl your content accordingly. You can also keep track of when the Google bot works your site.  Looks like, in minimal cases, you can at least point it at your RSS feed, or a simple text file with 1 url per line. Google also offers a script that will generate the sitemap file for you. Note, this has no affect on your PageRank.

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