The Game is Afoot

July 18, 2005 in 5 out of 5 stars, An article, An idea

What is it?

The Game is Afoot: A brilliant diatribe/lesson/article written by Eric Sink, a quite successful entrepreneur running his own ISV. The industry is software development, but the principles are universal.


Who makes it?

Eric Sink

Why is it the killerest?

Because Eric gets it. And he is a superb teacher. As you read through this, he makes important points, then backs them up with stories and analogies. This article will make you think, and hard. It's brilliant.

Example: I've totally changed my thinking about competition (and how much I hate it).

So as you daydream about starting your own company, you search for product ideas, and you discard all of the ones which would already have a known competitor.  Eventually, you find an idea which is completely unique.  Nobody is selling anything like it.  Finally, the path before you is clear! So you proceed to build your killer app.  Of course, you are terrified that somebody else will discover your amazing idea, so you keep everything a secret.  You setup a small office in the corner of your basement and paint the windows black.  You tell your wife you are downstairs looking at porn so she won't get suspicious about what's really going on.  Not a single human being on earth gets a glimpse of your product until you are finally ready to unveil your 1.0 release.  You emerge from stealth mode and wait for the world to overload your web storefront with traffic. But the orders don't come in.  Several months go by and eventually you realize the truth:  The reason nobody else was selling this kind of product already is that nobody really needs it.  If any substantial number of people were willing to pay for the solution you created, then somebody else would already be trying to relieve them of their money.

What could be improved?

It's a tad lengthy (and ugly), but it's all so good this is a minor quibble.

How much does it cost?

Free like bad advice (only this is good advice)


Reviewed by Carson McComas

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