Password Corral

August 10, 2005 in 4 out of 5 stars, A piece of software, Free

What is it?

Password Corral: A single repository to keep all of your passwords in.


Who makes it?

Cygnus Productions

Why is it the killerest?

Because using even the same secure/solid password everywhere is a bad idea. If your magazine subscription site gets hacked, hackers then have access to your bank account. This tool is dead simple to use, uses 128 bit Blowfish or Diamond2 encryption, and takes up minimal resources. It's terribly flexible, as you don't have to always put in only usernames and passwords, you can store PIN numbers, CD Codes, and other goodies in it. I use it to keep all of my accounts separate/secure. Best of all, it can be easily configured to export a backup everytime you change something so you can store a secured backup somewhere safe.

What could be improved?


How much does it cost?

100% Freeware


Reviewed by Michael K. Campbell

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Only thing seemingly missing (that is available in FlexWallet) is auto-sync with my phone/pda so I have all that data with me when I'm in line at the bank, in my car, etc.

Posted by: Allen | Aug 10, 2005 1:42:10 PM

Interesting Allen, thanks for the information. Feel free to submit a FlexWallet review btw.

Posted by: Carson McComas | Aug 10, 2005 3:20:29 PM

There are several of these available out there, such as Password Scrambler from

Posted by: Lance Robinson | Aug 11, 2005 10:52:17 AM

I've been using KeePass for over a year and I've been very happy with it. Just another link in case you want to compare. KeePass has strong encryption and the ability to add anything you want (including attachments) to records for individual sites. It will also remind you when passwords expire (if they do).

Posted by: Michael Scovetta | Dec 7, 2005 12:59:31 PM

I have been using AnyPassword for along time and it keeps getting better, not only can it store user names and passwords, but URLS and comments aswell. Plus has a handyu search facility.

The bad thing about all these apps is that they are not cross platform. BAD.

Posted by: Tim Child | Dec 10, 2005 3:15:23 PM

open source -

'nuff said.

Posted by: joe | Jan 15, 2007 9:28:47 PM