The Little Red Book of Selling : 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness

August 25, 2005 in 4 out of 5 stars, A book

What is it?

The Little Red Book of Selling : 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness: A concise fun book about turning every opportunity into a chance to make sales forever.  And it has nothing to do with Mao's Little Red Book from communist China...


Who makes it?

Jeffrey Gitomer

Why is it the killerest?

I go to the bookstore as someone going to church, in search of some revelation that will save me. In search of a miracle I stroll around my local B&N and from time to time a book from the corner of my eye just seems to jump out at me and say "pick me up and read a page, this is what you need." Sometimes what happens next is a bit amazing, I flip the pages to get the gist of the contents and stop for a read. Almost always it speaks directly to me at that moment in my life.

Today was the day, I was in a slump, I had exhausted my personal contacts and needed to expand my horizons and hone my sales skills.

Mr. Jeffery Gitomer is my new hero. His book was what my slump needed. In his words, I need to "kick my own ass" to succeed. No excuses, you make the destiny and that "to make a sale is to make a commission, to make a relationship is to make fortune."

The book makes great use of humor, and layout to convey all the lessons and content in a memorable way. The book makes great use of typography and design.

I loved the book so much that I bought 5 to give to my clients in order to further my "relationship" building. I changed my voicemail to a more creative source of sales opportunities and found that my perspective in sales was completely off.

I have read many books 10x bigger, but it truly is refreshing to pick up a concise fun read in which each sentence has deep and meaningful impact. Why don't more authors cut out all the crap and give us a book that just works, in this regard. Size really did not matter.

What could be improved?

Some repetition in concepts but seemed to be used in order to reinforce.

How much does it cost?

$12.57 at Amazon.


Reviewed by Gianni D'Alerta

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