Happy Links

September 16, 2005 in Happy Links
  • Casual Fortunes kinda blew my mind. It's an article about how shareware software (games mostly) makers are making a fortune with an enviable lifestyle to boot. "Which American designer personally made the most money last year from computer games he or she designed? ...It was probably some guy you never heard of who wrote some little shareware game you never heard of. ...Over the lengthy life of a successful casual game, the independent ("indie") designer can make serious, serious money - high six-figures and low sevens."
  • Bob Parson's is kind of a blowhard. But he's built an incredibly successful company (GoDaddy), and offers some great tips on his blog. "The secret John D. Rockefeller used to build Standard Oil. It’s simple. We use it at Go Daddy. Putting it to work in your business."
  • Garret Dimon offers Steps to Becoming a Freelance Web Developer with tips on deciding to do it, money issues, logistics, business development, and what to do once you take the plunge.
  • 43 Folders offers some sound advice on overcoming procrastination. I've been putting this to practice for a couple days and can say without reservation that it totally works. Stupid simple, but all the best methods are.
  • Particle Tree makes the case for small business blogging. You don't need this (do you?), but your clients might. Great resource.

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