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What is it?

YouSendIt: Similar to Dropload (send large files to anyone without using email), but you can send larger files (1GB), and you don't need to register.


Who makes it?

YouSendIt Inc.

Why is it the killerest?

Easy to use. No need to register. Send files up to 1GB. You can also send stuff securely (over SSL). SSL transfer is bound to have some performance issues for huge files, but secure transfer is sometimes needed and this does it. They also claim to virus scan every file sent. 

Wired likes em (although how Wired thinks these guys are in the same camp as bit torrent is beyond me, that's just ridiculous).

It also appears they keep the file around for 7 days, or a "limited number of downloads" (they don't say how many) even after the recipient has picked it up (unlike DropLoad which nukes it after right after the recip picks it up). They also give the sender the link to download the file if they wish (DropLoad does not).

They've got a few other services like a way to send "photo albums" and some website integration stuff where you can allow visitors to send you a file, and it links them to a YouSendIt page where when they send the file, it comes to you.

What could be improved?

It doesn't send the sender a confirmation email once the file is picked up (like DropLoad does). This is a big omission in my mind.

I'm always intrigued when outfits like this, without any discernible revenue model (except a Google AdSense ad on the confirmation page after an upload, and on the download page), are hiring, offering something completely free, and seem to have a whole business around what they do (YouSendIt Inc?). They claim they want to become "the FedEx of Digital" and they must have some grandiose plans (and funding) far beyond what this offers.

They also have an open source piece of software that claims to help you resume broken downloads (I didn't try it). It doesn't allow secure (SSL) downloads however.

How much does it cost?



Reviewed by Carson McComas

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Yousendit also does not have a progress indicator. I am sure in the future the service will have more features to benefit its users, just figured I'd mention that since 700 meg transfers take about 10-12 hours.

Posted by: chuck | Oct 18, 2005 4:03:03 AM

Good point Chuck. They also advise not closing the upload window until you're done, so 12 hours later you'd still need that window open. And you'll have no idea of your progress.

Posted by: Carson McComas | Oct 18, 2005 7:41:42 AM

Thanks for this recommendation. This saves tons of time for me and my organization.

Posted by: Eric Standlee | Nov 3, 2005 2:16:47 PM

There is now a beta site which includes some new features ( Included (after registering) is a tracker counting how many times your file has been picked-up, an inbox displaying all your uploaded files, and a contacts list you can build up and use.

Posted by: brett | Dec 29, 2005 12:21:37 PM

There are many sites like this out there. Yousendit has lots of restrictions though, like 25 downloads and deletion after 7 days. SENDSPACE.COM is faster, without the heavy restrictions and has many features for registered users - all free.

Posted by: Chad | Jan 5, 2006 3:23:39 AM now also has an accurate progress bar. looks like they're finally listening to feedback from bloggers? ;)

Posted by: Watto | Jan 25, 2006 10:11:06 PM

YouSendIt is now in a business relationship with Zango, also known as 180Solutions, the ADWARE/CRAPWARE people.

I refuse to support anyone doing business with the devil. Too bad YouSendIt has stooped so low.

Posted by: Dave | Feb 23, 2006 2:25:29 AM

goMyPlace does similar work featuring

- infinite data retention
- open source project
- elements of remote access
- does not require JS in the browser
- works just fine even with text only browsers like Lynx
and much more

Posted by: gornk | Jun 23, 2006 8:33:45 AM

Check out 2large2email ( They've got a free plan allowing you to transfer files of up to 100mb in size, while their paid accounts increase that limit to 2gb.

Posted by: Raj | Nov 25, 2008 7:35:13 PM