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December 17, 2005 in Happy Quotes

“Blocked? Plunge forth with ghastly ideas, dreadful songs, appalling paintings or unspeakable prose. Give yourself permission to suck. I’d be surprised if the great didn’t find its way out of that pitiful pile of poor.”

- Bruce DeBoer

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Great truth. I usually keep my quotes in my HPDA (HipsterPDA) and when I'm down or blue, I go right to them. What is most important, I write them WHEN I FEEL SUCCESSFUL and then, when I'm down looking at them, I remember how I feel being successful at the time. And that gives me courage to keep it going.

Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Franklin, all those are in my quotes. Just keep it going!

Javier Cabrera

Posted by: Javier Cabrera | Dec 17, 2005 8:06:03 PM