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April 11, 2006 in Happy Links
  • The Web 2.0 Show interviewed Shaun Inman (maker of Mint).
    Shaun is a killer entrepreneur, a 1-man show with an enviable, quality little business. (It helps that he's some freakish kind of multi-talented genius). The Web 2.0 show guys cornered him at SXSW and Shaun offers some juicy tidbits in this podcast.
  • Anytime is the Right Time to Start a Company
    More pile-on after Caterina's "it's a bad time to start a company" post. The themes are starting to get a little worn, but I enjoyed this one.
  • The Art of Driving Your Competition Crazy
    Another classic from Guy. "Companies go astray when defeating the competition becomes more important than taking care of customers. When companies become obsessed with the pursuit of excellence, by contrast, they often reach new levels of greatness."
  • Reality Check 2.0
    Appropriately titled, this is something we should all be thinking about. I'm afraid there are far too many "cool" resources out there, that after the initial "cool" moment wears off, don't have much traction.
  • Startup Websites That Work
    An antidote to "Reality Check" issue above? He's focused more on sites than strict web apps, but this advice applies to any website selling something.
  • Stanford on iTunes
    Stanford University has begun to make recordings of select lectures, speeches, interviews and events available on the iTunes Music Store, for free. Freakin' sweet. (thx Jamais)
  • Understanding (and overcoming) Procrastination
    Man this is good. I think this might be the floundering entrepreneur's biggest challenge. Well worth a read.
  • How to create a proper proposal.
    Something many entrepreneurs must face, this guide is deep. I tend to go way leaner in my proposals that what he suggests here, but it's comprehensive and packed with great ideas.
    Thanks Lifehacker (for these last two and a zillion other excellent links).

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Thanks for sharing the procrastination article. It sheds a lot of light the dificulties people have with getting things done.

Posted by: Tobin | Apr 11, 2006 10:41:31 AM

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