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June 20, 2006 in 5 out of 5 stars, A money maker

What is it?

Google AdSense: I received a few questions last week from folks wondering what AdSense is. These came from folks flabbergasted by Markus Frind whom I interview last week. Markus is making $25,000.00/day from AdSense(!).

AdSense is a very simple way to place advertisements on your website and earn money.

Here's how it works:

Remember Google AdWords? AdWords customers pay Google to send them traffic. It's how you advertise with Google.


  • AdWords customers write ads and pay Google to show them
  • Google shows the ads to its visitors -- and through AdSense -- to your visitors
  • People click the ads
  • AdWords customers pay Google for that visitor
  • If the click came from your site through AdSense, Google gives you some of that money

So, AdSense is the program where you, as a website owner/publisher can help Google show ads. And in return, Google gives you a portion of the money they generate.

The best part: it takes just minutes to sign up, then once approved, it's a simple matter of placing a snippet of HTML code in your website, and you're ready to start earning money.

It's important to understand that Markus' experience is way, way outside of the norm--bordering on the patently absurd--and can be attributed to the fact that: (a) his market is one where AdWords customers pay a lot for traffic (b) he has insane amounts of traffic.

Some folks make less than a dollar a day. But obviously the potential is there to make much, much more. Darren Rowse makes a solid six figures a year from AdSense on his various sites.

Who makes it?

Those Google nerds

Why is it the killerest?

2 reasons:

1) Because it's a very simple and easy way for anyone with a website and a little traffic to make some money.

2) Because Google ascertains the context of your site, and shows ads that are relevant to your content. For example: if you have a site about horse training, you'll see equestrian related ads show up on your site. This means (a) the ads that show up are more likely to get clicked and (b) you're actually  helping your site visitors with relevant related information, services and products.

What could be improved?

At times the context ascertaining system has a hard time getting the context perfect.

How much does it cost?

It pays you!


Reviewed by Carson McComas

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Yeah adsense rocks, it makes my living and pays my bills and the best thing is everyone can make money with it! :)

Posted by: Mike | Jun 20, 2006 1:49:12 PM

But, the question remains, what is the barebones minimum threashold?

What is the minimum amount of traffic you need to generate before ad sense starts to pay?

Posted by: Gabe | Jun 21, 2006 8:53:55 AM

@Gabe - it depends on many variables:

1) Where you place the ads (some placement yields a higher click through rate than others)

2) The nature of what you cover on your site. Some topics yield very high payout per click, some very low.

3) What you consider "starts to pay." You'll probably need many thousands of page impressions/day to net "you could live on it" type of pay. A few hundred page impressions a day will likely net you pizza money (depending on 1 and 2).

Posted by: Carson McComas | Jun 21, 2006 9:07:45 AM

@Gabe, you would probably need somewhere on the order of 50,000 impressions a day to get some sort of near "you could live on it" type money. you can check out what some of the various adwords pay at the traffic estimator sandbox (click the link on my name). So if say you have $0.50 avg click value, times a 1% CTR (possible but on the high side) you would be making $250 a day with 50,000 impressions a day. You can play with the numbers, everyone's are going to be different. There's no real way to answer your question because, as Carson says, there are too many variables.

Posted by: Umberto Robina | Jun 21, 2006 1:53:14 PM

It completely depends on the market your site is in, and of course volume. For certain markets it is very possible to earn $50+ per thousand page impressions. If your site is more "general" (e.g. funny videos and games) you would be looking more around $1-$2 per thousand.

Posted by: Andrew Johnson | Jun 21, 2006 6:57:33 PM

Adsense is all good but you have to monitor it for fraud clicks everyday.

Posted by: Janson | Jun 21, 2006 8:44:09 PM

@Janson: hogwash. You must be confusing this with something else.

Posted by: Carson McComas | Jun 21, 2006 8:50:20 PM

Good adsense post.

Posted by: Shirazi | Jun 23, 2006 9:27:59 AM

What the net does not need right now is yet more parasitic adsense sites, many crafted just for that purpose with scraped or paid-for content.

Spam basically. But that's Google for you.

Posted by: Deano | Jun 26, 2006 3:18:43 AM

Just a few questions about AdSense. I've been thinking about creating a blog for some time, and I want to know some things about using this. I get leery when someone says you can make money without putting anything in in return. Here goes:

1. Do you have to invest anything in this (besides time)?

2. I'm sure if you made any money at it, you'd need to consider taxes, also. I'm sure our good uncle would need his share...;)

3. Are you still allowed to post your own links, etc.?

4. How do you protect against click fraud (sounds kinda scary)?

I was interested in writing a blog to let off some political steam, and was curious about making money to boot. I'm sure it would take a tremendous amount of traffic to generate a large income, but it would be nice to have a little extra cash now and then.

Thanks for the help in advance,


Posted by: Jim | Aug 13, 2006 4:52:13 PM

Dear sir,
I want to do the ad-posting job.I dont have any credit card and web site though I shall be able to make a free website.How can I do this job please send me tetails about the mattern in my e-mail.I want to display google's ad through my free site.
Thanking you Yours ever

Posted by: Ramkrishna Mondal | Jan 13, 2007 10:16:22 PM

Hi there! I am also very interested in this google ad sense but I am afraid it won't work. I don't have a credit card nor do I have any money since I had to lend it out to my parents in a time of crisis. I love making and keeping up with my sites and I would 100% commit to this if I knew that I could make this work even with a free site (pay nothing at ALL). I wold do anything it takes to make the free site work and then if I get accepted and get enough traffic I will definately pay to upgrade my site with any money if it comes in (or once my parents pay me back). My question is: For those who absolutely have NO money nor a credit card is google ad sense available? Please email [email protected] in an answer. Thank-you very much:)


Posted by: Heather | Apr 23, 2007 8:45:51 AM

earning real money from adsense is not a easy task .
Anyone who is starting to implement the same has to understand that to get success you need to consider this as a full time job and not some side income opportunity.

Posted by: ASKWEBMAN | Apr 18, 2008 2:32:38 AM

I use both adsense and adwords, and you are correct. It costs absolutely nothing for adsense besides your time and a place to drive traffic to. Adwords are costly though, but if used correctly will increase your business and is worth the expense.

Posted by: Chad Atkins | Jan 5, 2009 6:53:45 PM

As for theory - you have to explore it yourself. As for practice - maybe I could give some help. I found an interesting soft on one of the thematic forum recently. It searches for combination automatically. Nice one, though poor in interface.
Program is based on Martingale system with the changed algorithm. It`s based on searching and waiting a series of results («red or black» usually). But this one I got is for «head or tail».
There were discussions «pro and against» this soft, but I downloaded it and explored for about half an hour and left it in automatic mode till morning. What I found in the morning was 250WM.
But use this soft wisely, admins in casinos do not welcome these things.
Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:
pass for the arch: 123
customized for

Posted by: booster | Jan 13, 2009 1:56:29 AM

Improving your Adsense Performance

After running adsense for a while, you may still question why the performance of the ads on your site is still under expectation. This is quite a common question that I recently recieve. Hence, I decide to write this post to provide some sort of hints and tips in order to unleash your Adsnese potential. I use the word "unleash", simple because I do think everyone should have high potential to generate great revenue through Adsense. I hope, after reading this post, all of your Adsense potential can be unleashed and maximized.
1. Make Best Use of URL Channels
Use AdSense URL Channels to determine which pages are making you the highest CTR, CPM, and earnings. Focus your efforts on building pages like those. Channels enable you to keep track on the performance of each of your ads. However, Google only provides 200 channels and may not enough to satisfy those Adsensers with many sites and ads.
2 . Blend your ads with background
Blending your ads with the background of your site. Apart from the color, font size of both your ads and background fonts should also be the same. Another method of camouflage is to remove all the borders on your AdSense ads. The border have no paricular use buit will make your stand out. It is also a way to boost your CTR and increase your revenue.
3. Use Blue Links
From my experience, set the color of the link of your ads to blue color may help. Your visitors will think these blue links are just your content links but not an ad. The reason behind is that people have become used to those clicking blue links.
4. Large Ads outperform small ads
From my experience and the finding from other Adseners, both large and wide ads perform better; while small and narrow are underperform. Of course, it is subjected to your template and layout. The Large Rectangle Ad format (336x280) should be the best ad unit among all.
5. Integrate Ads with Content
Visitors come to your site becuase they want to find those information they want. Integrates your ads as close to your content as possible to ensure that the visitors will also look at your ads. Taking my blog as an example, I have implemented my ads into each post, and the result is quite fruitful and have recieved higher CTR.
6. Don't Compete for Other Peoples High-paid Keywords
Everybody know what are the high-paid keywords are. If you are using one of the high-paid keywords, that means there will be more than thousands of spammers are already competing for that keyword. People are getting less easy to access your website. Do not follow such list closely. There is no money in being one of the crowd.
7. Do Compete for Your Own High Paying Keywords
Use channels to let you know what keywords are the best. Monitor your AdSense URL channels to determine which keywords are making you the most money. Compete for those keywords. Build more pages optimized for similar keywords. Get inbound links for those keywords. Spend your time and efforrt on the keywords which are making you money.
8. Increase the Traffic to Your Site
In long run, the best method to boost up your AdSense earning is to build regualr and constant traffic to your web site. This issue has been thoroghly in my previous posts. You may probably refer to those articles by clicks relevant topic on the right.
9. Place Ads Above the Fold
"The fold" is industry jargon for "the part of the page that the user sees without scrolling down". This will vary depending upon the resolution of the users screen and the size of their browser window.Place as many ads as possible above the fold. Ads placed below the fold are seldom seen and seldom clicked.

Posted by: Roger J Pit | Jan 14, 2009 2:25:12 AM