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September 19, 2006 in Happy Links

Going solo:

  • 17 tips for freelancers marks the 17th anniversary of Megan Jeffery's jump to becoming a freelance artist. There's wisdom in these here tips.
  • Going Solo: A Few Words Of Advice from Stowe Boyd  offers good tips on marketing, and balance.
  • How Odeo Screwed Up. Ok, these are more "anti-tips" for going solo - but just as valuable, if not more. (If anyone has even more details on Evan's talk please let me know).
  • Interview with Dan Cederholm of Cork'd.
    Cork'd is such an inspiring little startup/side project done right. I quite enjoyed this interview. Dan has been solo for sometime with SimpleBits, but this is his most entrepreneurial (and enviable) venture yet.

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one more suggestion -- www.sohodojo.com -- just another linke for those looking to become involved in the micropeneur world - enjoy!!

Posted by: Arnie | Sep 23, 2006 5:27:28 PM