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October 18, 2006 in Happy Quotes

"Make something happen today, before you go home, before the end of the week. Launch that idea, post that post, run that ad, call that customer. Go the edge, that edge you've been holding back from... and do it today. Without waiting for the committee or your boss or the market. Just go."

-Seth Godin

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I like Seth. His Bootstrapers Bible is very-very useful book

Posted by: FreshBisness | Oct 24, 2006 4:59:19 AM

or just do the things your hart tells you to do.
So very often we listen and hear some voises in us, that we ignore... so don't do in such way - don't ignore these voices - put them in you attention and do what you feel at once you 've feeled it.

am i right?

Posted by: Haig | Oct 24, 2006 11:35:56 AM

Seth right again and again :-)

Posted by: Fortsite | Nov 19, 2006 2:10:43 AM