WorkHappy One Month Challenge: Results Show!

January 15, 2007

ApplauseToday marks the conclusion of the WorkHappy One Month Challenge, issued (not surprisingly) one month ago. The idea of course was to kick us all in the collective backside and use the turning of the new year (and a free advertising offer from MSN) to motivate us into finally getting our entrepreneurial venture out there. The MSN advertising offer provided some challenges, but nothing we couldn't handle.

Did you make it? If so, the comments are open,  let's hear about it!

Here's the format (copy, paste, fill in the values to the right):

Project Name:
Date it was launched:
Brief launch story:

If you have a project that was launched before the last month, or you didn't make it by today - hold off posting - I'll put up a cheaters post later where you can come clean and/or flog your existing stuff.

Hope this launches you all toward a prosperous and successful 2007!

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Project Name: SnapLeague Product Refresh
Date it was launched: 12/18/06
Brief launch story:
We launched an update to our web-based league management product SnapLeague. The update included some new features and the option for free accounts. My ads on MS AdCenter got 22,878 impressions with 95 clicks. We're not tracking conversions at the momemnt. Google AdWords sends about 6x as much traffic. We're definitely satisfied with the rate that we're acquiring accounts since the 18th.

Posted by: John S. | Jan 15, 2007 12:51:50 PM

Project Name: UpSolv Online Advertising Launch
Date it was launched: 12/12/06
Brief launch story: Although we had launched our corporate website many months prior to this, we used this opportunity to make our first foray into the online advertising world. Overall results were great, although we haven't enabled conversion tracking at this time. Either way, thanks to this "One Month Challenge," we got off of our butts and started spreading the word.

Thanks, WorkHappy!

Posted by: Paul Singh | Jan 15, 2007 1:50:33 PM

Project Name: ConferenceMeetup
Date: 12/21/2006

Brief launch story:
Though I had a proof-of-concept demo already launched, this challenge and the free advertising offer inspired me to do launch first real advertising campaign for the service and do a code release to get the product ready for real-world use. The advertising and being able to launch a site for RailsConf 2007 ( ) has generated some leads and other interest in the service, which has been exciting.

Posted by: Benjamin Curtis | Jan 15, 2007 2:32:28 PM

Project Name: NearbyGamers
Date it was launched: 2007-01-07
Brief launch story: It was online and nearly done for a month, but now I've seriously gotten it running and am starting to grow it. It's been an interesting, exciting month and I appreciate the kick in the butt.

This was all no thanks to AdCenter; I am still unable to log in and they haven't answered my mail. I suppose I'm going to have to dispute the charge to get my $5 back.

Posted by: Peter Harkins | Jan 15, 2007 2:37:23 PM

Project Name: HitRSS
Date it was launched: 12/11/2006

Brief launch story:
It's been almost two years since I've originally launched this service, but haven't promoted it and did anything to it for quite a while.

After reading many blogs and especially yours here I started playing around and created a roadmap for development and finally gathered all these user requests and processed them to launch the re-newed HitRSS in December (new design, new logo, and re-engineered service with major improvements).

I'm launching another service next week too (hoping for the cheaters post :-), and it all happened during december-january when I got the kick in the butt... mostly from you. Thanks for your blog and keep up the good work!

Posted by: Michael | Jan 19, 2007 5:59:29 AM

A free service that provides you with a map that has a short URL, for example which is easy to remember and share with others. The user can then verbally tell others exactly where your desired location is.
Over 1200 maps created to date.
Most of my traffic comes from Google(2442 unique hits 23.57% of the total origin traffic). All natural, as I have no adwords or marketing done.
Site launched in beta format in October 2006.

Posted by: Vincent Glennon | Jan 21, 2007 2:04:13 PM

Project Name: Just Coverz
Date: 28/1/2007

We launched it in a couple of hours. Being Aussie's we couldn't get on board with the free ads, but we'll see how it goes regardless. The site is a variation of CoverHunt at

The launch timeline is at

Posted by: Ross Hill | Jan 29, 2007 1:37:41 AM

Project Name: Nozbe
Date it was launched: 02/01/2007

Brief launch story:
I didn't make it to finish the app by Jan 15th, but the beta version is finally out now!

After reading the great book by David Allen - Getting Things Done - I decided to start implementing this technique in my company too.

Since I'm a web developer I firstly developed it for our internal use but now I decided to share it with the world. So go ahead, if you like getting things done - this application may also be for you.

Nozbe is now in beta stage, so comments are very welcome!

Posted by: Michael ( | Feb 3, 2007 2:20:09 PM