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Happy Links

May 14, 2007 in Happy Links

Profiled Product Updates Edition:

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Happy Links

May 1, 2007 in A podcast, Happy Links

Podcast edition:
Three inspiring podcasts with entrepreneurs who are making magic.

  • Evan Williams entrepreneur-hero of Blogger fame, then Odeo, now Twitter is interviewed by Jason Calacanis. What a cool guy! Ev keeps it real. His conspicuous lack of smarm or slick is obviously a factor behind his ridiculous success.
  • Dan Albritton co-founder of iminlikewithyou.com. Holy smokes this was some thought-provoking stuff about an industry you'd think was already saturated and spent (online dating). What a killer little company, and Dan's clearly a genius. Inspiring ideas for any entrepreneur.
  • Leon Bambrick started a little company that makes a very simple software product (TimeSnapper). In this interview, he shares with geek-idol Scott Hanselman 25 excellent tips for launching your own Micros ISV. Great advice for aspiring MicroISV-ers out there.

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