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Happy Links

June 26, 2007 in Happy Links

Random Gems:

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Adwords Optimizer

June 11, 2007 in 3 out of 5 stars, Analytics, SEO/SEM

What is it?

Adwords Optimizer: A tool to help you fine tune your AdWords ads.


Who makes it?

MindValley LC

Why is it the killerest?

It's simple, it's free, and it works.

Savvy AdWords users write two or more ads for a given ad group. Google then uses both ads and you can learn which ad performs the best by watching the CTR (click through rate) and conversion over time.

Adwords Optimizer sends you a daily report of how your different ads are performing and which one has the best CTR, then offers suggestions for improving. It's a simple thing, and something you can do by hand-checking your AdWords account every day and keeping track, but Adwords Optimizer makes a tedious thing you should do every day (but probably don't because it's tedious) very simple.

What could be improved?

I wish I could view a back history of my reports. If you save all the emails you get, you have a crude history, but I'd like a screen where it listed all my reports so I could view past ones.

It's a bit sparse on metrics (but it does provide what it promises to provide).

Update: The signup process they suggest is confusing and lame, you can signup here.


Reviewed by Carson McComas

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