October 16, 2007 in 4 out of 5 stars, Collaboration, Design, Free, Hosted software, Productivity, Project management

What is it?

ReviewBasics: Hosted software that allows you to submit, for review by others, a website, an image, a document (Word, PDF, Powerpoint), or a flash video. Others can add comments, drawings, emoticons, text, etc.


Who makes it?

SharpStyle Labs, Inc.

Why is it the killerest?

It's an impressive technical accomplishment. It's polished and easy to use.

Plus, it offers nice controls for the author: You can have comments visible just to the author, or to all reviewers. You can you write up a set of instructions for your reviewers. It offers a comments history. When done, you can filter all your stuff by date, by reviewer, and by files which have reviewer comments on them.

If you need to do asynchronous reviews, and/or if you have a geographically distributed team, this is a great resource.

What could be improved?

It feels a bit slow (which is probably because it's so rich, so that's forgivable).

If you want to submit a website for review, you can't do it as you are creating the workspace (like you can with everything else), you have to create the workspace, then dig around for it (they tell me this is going to be addressed soon).

How much does it cost?



Reviewed by Carson McComas

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Hi Carson,

Thanks for your review. I'm glad to be able to answer your questions.


Posted by: Tim Shih | Oct 16, 2007 11:34:31 AM