Happy Links - Ecommerce Best Practices Edition

April 8, 2008 in Happy Links

I struck gold finding this blog packed with great information for those in online retail. (via)

A few examples:

  • Welcome Email Usability Tips for Online Retailers
    An excellent and thorough analysis of the subscription practices of 118 of the largest etailers. (42% used HTML layouts, 15% offered incentives like free shipping on next order).
  • Registration Usability - 87 Registration Forms Tested
    This report discusses common fields requested during registration and how often they are used (e.g. Required First / Last Name - 54%, Required Birthday - 7%), discusses the ideal registration form length (as simple as possible, natch, but be creative if you need a lot of info), and ends with 13 registration form usability tips (e.g. Avoid hiding important information in graphics that look like ads or buttons that can be overlooked).
  • Losing Customers at the Register: 12 Checkout Blunders
    Examples, dead-end receipt pages, and upselling at checkout.
  • Registration Usability - Permission Email Dos and Donts
    In summary, don't send marketing emails to folks who sign up with you, unless they specifically request it. Otherwise you erode trust and lower open rates. She takes a few companies to task, then offers an 8 step checklist (Don’t pre-check the boxes for subscriptions).

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