Small changes can bring big profits

January 30, 2009 in Happy Links


  • The $300 Million Button tells how a widely used ecommerce site stopped forcing people to register before they bought something and increased conversions 45%, which brought in an extra $300 million the first year (uhh).
  • How we reduced chargebacks by 30% tells how 37signals made a small change to the way they show up on customer credit card statements (they show a URL for people can go to figure out where the charge came from), and decreased chargebacks by 30%.
  • How to Sell More Software by Adding 12 Characters to Your Homepage suggests that adding your phone number to your website (he’s talking to ISVs, but it’s a good idea for many of us) should not only increase sales, but also bring larger sales. Pretty good argument, with a humorous refuting of common excuses.

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I can't tell you how many times I've cursed at web sites for their immense stupidity in not putting their phone number on their home page (or anywhere) or make me fish around for it. Many a sale was not made because of this.

Posted by: Tim | Feb 22, 2009 1:59:32 PM

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