Founder of Threadless keepin’ it real

June 7, 2010 in An interview

This interview with Jake Nickell is a joy to watch. And an inspiration. He’s the founder (and subsequent millionaire) of the ingenious Tune in to hear great marketing ideas and other inside scoop. It should get your wheels turning. After watching the below intro, click through to view the various parts, it’s about an hour.

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Such a great idea, the best take away for me was when he described how it started...he found an immediate avenue to execute (on the dreamless forum) ... started threadless in a small forum website and as an idea...and went from there. Everywhere I go I see that the ideas that work started from people who repetitively executed things and went with it when it worked. Applicable to my small business and current ideas...thanks dude.

Posted by: Robert Granholm | Jun 22, 2010 2:51:33 PM

Wow this such a great article and the tips are very comprehensive. For sure many entrepreneurs with small and big businesses are going to benefit from this. Keep it up!

Posted by: MyATM | Jan 23, 2011 2:55:30 AM

Great interview. I’ve been a big fan of this company, their ethos and their work and community for a while now. Love the part about the company “starting one hour after he thought of it”, true entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit!

Posted by: Johnny | Mar 29, 2011 7:14:40 AM

Indeed, a very enjoyable interview. Jake is an interesting and creative man.

Posted by: Kay Lincoln | Nov 9, 2011 7:33:09 AM