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June 20, 2006 in 5 out of 5 stars, A money maker

What is it?

Google AdSense: I received a few questions last week from folks wondering what AdSense is. These came from folks flabbergasted by Markus Frind whom I interview last week. Markus is making $25,000.00/day from AdSense(!).

AdSense is a very simple way to place advertisements on your website and earn money.

Here's how it works:

Remember Google AdWords? AdWords customers pay Google to send them traffic. It's how you advertise with Google.


  • AdWords customers write ads and pay Google to show them
  • Google shows the ads to its visitors -- and through AdSense -- to your visitors
  • People click the ads
  • AdWords customers pay Google for that visitor
  • If the click came from your site through AdSense, Google gives you some of that money

So, AdSense is the program where you, as a website owner/publisher can help Google show ads. And in return, Google gives you a portion of the money they generate.

The best part: it takes just minutes to sign up, then once approved, it's a simple matter of placing a snippet of HTML code in your website, and you're ready to start earning money.

It's important to understand that Markus' experience is way, way outside of the norm--bordering on the patently absurd--and can be attributed to the fact that: (a) his market is one where AdWords customers pay a lot for traffic (b) he has insane amounts of traffic.

Some folks make less than a dollar a day. But obviously the potential is there to make much, much more. Darren Rowse makes a solid six figures a year from AdSense on his various sites.

Who makes it?

Those Google nerds

Why is it the killerest?

2 reasons:

1) Because it's a very simple and easy way for anyone with a website and a little traffic to make some money.

2) Because Google ascertains the context of your site, and shows ads that are relevant to your content. For example: if you have a site about horse training, you'll see equestrian related ads show up on your site. This means (a) the ads that show up are more likely to get clicked and (b) you're actually  helping your site visitors with relevant related information, services and products.

What could be improved?

At times the context ascertaining system has a hard time getting the context perfect.

How much does it cost?

It pays you!


Reviewed by Carson McComas

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