September 29, 2006 in 4 out of 5 stars, A service, Event management

What is it? A self-service eTicketing system for events, lets promoters sell their own tickets online without the need for a ticketing agent.


Who makes it?

Sign-Up Technologies

Why is it the killerest?

Event promoters get the money and the customer data directly (so you own your own data).  - no extortionate booking fees or third party agents getting in the way. No minimum fees, no percentages, just a flat charge per ticket sold. Great for any kind of event -- a workshop, seminar or conference, or (as one of their customers, Exit Festival did) a monster event with thousands of participants. (Or even a school play or LAN party).

Here's what an Exit Festival representative had to say: "its clear to see the benefit to our business in terms of additional revenue by eliminating booking fees and being able to control and tailor our customer service; we now have a far more direct and efficient way of communicating with our customers and offering them value for money."

Well done, simple interface. You can be selling tickets in just a few minutes.

You can set up your own additional fees per ticket (if you wish). You can control number of tickets to be sold, types of tickets to be sold, dates to start/stop selling.

You have some moderate control over the feel of the ticket selling page (logo and content).

You can sell your tickets in GBP, Euros or Dollars.

Full featured without being bogged down by complexity.

What could be improved?

They're working on a mobile version to deliver tickets by SMS and introducing a wider range of payment gateways (only PayPal is supported at the moment).

How much does it cost?

$19.99 account activation, then $1 per ticket sold. (Although you can set up an account and try out the process without making a payment).


Reviewed by Carson McComas

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