Reader Question: Jason Fried and 37signals

March 23, 2006 in Reader Question

Win a free copy of 37signals' latest book Getting Real Contest Completed.

Ok gang, you're all invited to vote in the poll below and share the rationale for your vote in the comments of this post. Two lucky commenters (one at random, one with the most thoughtful rationale) will receive a FREE copy of 37signals' latest ebook Getting Real. I'll hand out the free book copies on Monday, 27 March 2006.


Ok, I selected 3 winners.

I think Carolyn Wood provided the most thoughtful rationale arguing for "their ideas" and Rob Drimmie for "their software."

The random winner (slips of numbered paper picked blind by my 3yr old son Owen from a bowl) was Tim (yes he was pretty proud of himself after I asked him to "pick one from the bowl" and he picked out the number "one.")

Congrats to the winners, you'll get an email from Matt at 37signals with your download link shortly.

Thanks to 37signals for the prizes, and thanks to all of you who submitted thoughtful entries, I'm not sure about anyone else, but I enjoyed reading through them.

Oh, and my vote? Their ideas.

Technology moves at too rapid a pace to imagine that it will be their software. 10 yrs really is a long time. I have confidence that 37s can create lasting software, but I think their biggest impact will be that they were front and center championing this shift, which in many ways is the antidote to the dotcom bust. 

With the generosity of Jason and crew in sharing their ideas on business, marketing and software development, and backing it up with an impeccable case study (their own success); I suspect in 10 years time a lot of water will have passed under the bridge, but that these solid ideas, and the businesses and approaches that sprang up as a result, will be a lasting legacy.

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Reader Question: Best Blogs for Entrepreneurs?

August 29, 2005 in Reader Question

So, as an entrepreneur (or an aspiring entrepreneur)...

If a rabid donkey were guarding your computer and you were only allowed to ever view three  business-oriented blogs again, without getting bitten or kicked, what would they be?

My three would be:

  1. Creating Passionate Users This blog is brimming with brilliant business wisdom, commentary and well-developed (if a bit long winded) ideas.
  2. Duct Tape Marketing I like how he regularly dispatches great marketing ideas.
  3. Signal vs Noise Love him or hate him, (love him!) Jason and crew have something figured out. And they share. A lot. I dig.

(I wish Bnoopy would update more often, he'd be on the list. But if I'm restricted to just three, I don't want one that only updates quarterly.)

What three would you pick?

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