Microsoft BizSpark Program

February 9, 2009 in 5 out of 5 stars, A piece of software, Productivity, Software Development, Virtualization, Web/Tech

What is it?

Biz Spark: Virtually free* access to all current Microsoft software, plus some additional support from peers and other Microsoft partners, if you care to get involved in the social side of it.  


Who makes it?


Why is it the killerest?

One of the biggest and most painful expenses for a startup can be software. Windows and Office primarily, but if you're a Microsoft developer – this is an outrageous deal because it includes everything you get in an MSDN subscription (note: it is an MSDN subscription).

If you're a startup, three years old or less, and make under $1 million per year, you're eligible. This is basically all Microsoft software. Signup was pretty simple. There are a few hoops they want you to jump through to verify that you qualify, but they're tame. The big hurdle was getting a sponsor. I emailed this guy, explained my qualifications, and he hooked me up a couple days later. Twitter friend Geoffrey had good luck with this guy.

This is worth tens of thousands of dollars and can be a real boost when you're boostrapping.

What could be improved?

Well, obviously this is for Windows users only.

Hey Adobe, the web startup community would kill for an offering like this from you.

How much does it cost?

*Free to enroll, you agree to pay $100 when you exit.


Reviewed by Carson McComas

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